What artists say

Concert venues and clubs are the music sector’s foundation when it comes to artistic creation and the development of new talents. As such, they are the lifeblood of the European live music sector and essential for its growth and vitality.

Artists are the best witnesses when it comes to highlighting the important role of these stages for their careers.

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Pongo (AO/PT)
"[European showcase festivals] help young and emerging artists like me at the beginning of their careers and motivate them to keep believing in themselves."
Tim Dup (FR)
"I will never forget, neither the support nor the memories, brought by [EMB Sannois] and all the people who make it shine."
Lord Esperanza (FR)
"As a young artist, it is always a pleasure to be supported, listened to and welcomed by passionate teams. [...] This can only be possible thanks to the proximity and humanity of small music scenes."
La Pietà (FR)
"It is good to feel supported by a non-commercial structure, and to remember the true place of culture, and music, in our hearts, and the one it should take in our world."
"If it were not for all these venues, I would not have been able to find myself as a musician, as a performer, as an artist."