17 April, La Gaité Lyrique, Paris (FR)

We are Europe – Towards a more inclusive European cultural scene for people with disabilities. What arrangements have been put in place by players in Europe’s cultural sector to welcome and include people with disabilities? Through a discussion of practices from Belgium to Georgia, We are Europe raises the question of accessibility within contemporary cultural scenes.

Join the Revelland team at the panel “Audience dialogue instead of marketing: how small live music venues can benefit from a two-way conversation with their audiences”


3 May, Dresden (DE)

MusicMatch combines a conference and festival for popular music in Saxony and will enter its eighth round in 2024. Under the motto “Music for a New Society”, they want to transfer current social discourse to the music scene and work together to find progressive solutions. This will take place both in terms of content in discussion rounds, workshops and lectures, as well as artistically on stage.


5&7 June, Sofia (BG)

The term “equity” can be understood in many ways but the most common is that in relation to fairness and a situation in which everyone is treated equally.  However, equity goes beyond giving everyone “a seat at the table”, it is also about a commitment to making that table bigger and fairer to all people irrespective of sex, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, class, ethnicity, religion or other status as stated in Goal 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Join music professionals and art enthusiasts from all over Europe, as they delve into the topic of ‘Equity in Music’ and explore what kinds of projects have been carried out to advance equity in the music sector and what kind of future the sector is building.