“It’s really important for us to be at the forefront on the sustainability and inclusion questions, to inspire others and help with all these things. If we don’t have a sustainable future, we may not have a future at all.”

Hilma Kekkonen, Svensk Live - (Sweden )

“It’s all about sharing and cooperation!”

Boris Colin, FEDELIMA - (France )

“We need organisations like Live DMA to support our activities. During COVID, it was important to have Live DMA meetings so that we could learn what was going on in the other countries, and that was very helpful when it came to the lobby work on the local level”

Ingrid Stroom, Live Music Estonia - (Estonia )

“We have been celebrating the 10th anniversary of Live DMA, a network which was created in 2012 by venue networks from all over Europe. The purpose was to share knowledge and skills with each other, and to set up common projects, and I think we’ve succeeded in doing that!”

Marc Steens, Clubcircuit - (Belgium: Flanders )

“I learned to collect and process data with good quality, and also I learned the importance of data to start a dialogue with institutions. Good data gave ACCES a lot of recognition”

Elda Gomez, ACCES - (Spain )