What artists say

Concert venues and clubs are the music sector’s foundation when it comes to artistic creation and the development of new talents. As such, they are the lifeblood of the European live music sector and essential for its growth and vitality.

Artists are the best witnesses when it comes to highlighting the important role of these stages for their careers.

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Mario Goossens – Triggerfinger (BE)
"Grassroots venues are a binding factor and are places where coloring outside the lines is still tolerated. And a creative society really needs those kind of places."
Hélio Morais – PAUS (PT)
"When you play clubs you’re not selling tickets for an “experience”, you’re selling tickets for your show."
Violet Road (NO)
"We have been welcomed by enthusiasts, volunteers, and idealists year after year who are passionate about that the audience and artists are able to experience great things together."
Ringa Manner (FI)
"Venues are an irreplaceable platform for young artists throughout the diverse spectrum to hone their craft, and an absolutely vital part of any city’s living, breathing culture scene."
Kolinka – Téléphone (FR)
"It is important that venues like Rocksane exist to offer the artists optimal conditions: the quality of the material available, the competence and the passion of the technicians"