Pongo (AO/PT)

Pongo is one of the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards 2020 winner, of which Live DMA is partner. She shared with us how showcase festivals worked as springboard for her career:

“Eurosonic Noorderslag and Transmusicales are my favourite […] because to sing there opens doors to have more opportunities. They were important for me because I could share my music with more people who work in different areas of the entertainment world. That helped develop my career; I could show my project to a lot of people and professionals in the music world that made it possible for me to perform in other venues. I know that every year, Eurosonic presents artists from all over Europe to professionals in the music world and Transmusicales presents artists and professionals from all over the world to each other. All this contribution helps young and emerging artists like me at the beginning of their careers and motivate them to keep believing in themselves.”

Photo credits: Felix Dol Maillot