Live Style Europe

Live Style Europe (LSE) is a capacity building programme that aims to empower regional and national live music associations, as well as music venues, clubs and festivals by providing them with skills and tools for an easier adaptation to the evolution of the live music sector. LSE strives to structure the live music sector and to enhance the visibility of the grassroots sector all over Europe.


Live Style Europe II is a three years project funded by the Creative Europe programme under the European network grant, created by the European Commission for the 2022-2024 period.

As a follow-up of the network’s project Live Style Europe I, LSE II aims to explore the needs and develop solutions to contemporary challenges of the live music sector in Europe.

Live DMA aims to continue its fight for a better recognition of the live music sector, supporting the ecosystem with a specific approach aiming at creating a fairer and more sustainable ecosystem.

In order to achieve these goals, the association strongly relies on the collaboration of its members and partners: United we stand!


A clear and unified voice for the live music venues, clubs and festivals.

Support access to adapted EU funding for live music operators.


Strong alliances within the cultural sector.

Regular news, exchanges and private meetings for Live DMA members.

Exchange good practices in terms of live management.

Support to dialogue with national and local partners and policy makers.


An open resource platform and a dedicated COVID-19 info-centre.

The Survey: Facts & Figures about venues and festivals

New reports:
. Festivals Flash Survey in June 2024
. Survey report in November 2022 and 2024
. Inventory in June 2024

A fairer live music sector

Programming live music in Europe

Based on a corpus of live music bookers, we will provide more transparent information about booking practices, support to local artists and diversity in programming.

Release: late 2023

Role of local live music scenes in artists’ careers

Based on a qualitative analysis and inputs from an advisory board, we will highlight the importance and the diversity of live music venues activities to support emerging artists in Europe.

Release: late 2024

Music Is Not Noise

A group of Live DMA members and/or members’ members report on their regulatory needs and challenges in terms of sound regulations and noise diplomacy.

A more inclusive live music sector

How to tackle the inclusion challenge

The Inclusion Lab is an online space where Live DMA members build their capacity to work on inclusion by sharing knowledge.

Following a series of webinars where experts share what inclusion applied to the cultural sector means, the objective is to create a toolbox to work together on a common definition and strategy to tackle inclusion challenges in the live music scenes.

Experts share: from Sept 2022 to June 2024

Experimentation of the tool

Imagined as a flexible instrument that you can adapt to your own situation and push you our of your comfort zone, the Try-Angle is a step-by-step methodology of live music actors, either experimented or newcomers, to challenge themselves every day in building new audiences and go beyond the usual conception of a concert.

From Oct 2022 to April 2024

An ecological live music sector

Draft recommendations on ecological practices

A group of Live DMA members and/or members’ members will report their needs and draft recommentations for adapted European regulations and policies to support the live music venues, clubs and festivals to change/adapt more sustainable practices.

Cooperative creation of a toolkit responding to a specific topic

Live DMA can activate the need of a specific working group during one of the yearly brainstorming sessions which are set as milestones during the duration of the project. Working Groups facilitates the cooperation of our members on a specific topic that they identify, to create a tool that will benefit all the members of the network.

Toolkit based on carbon footprints reports

We invited Live DMA members or live music venues, clubs and festivals to draft together recommendations towards sustainable music policies, based on their needs and specificities. We discuss how to articulate measures within the most relevant framework of scales (local/national/European) and competences (city planning/mobility/building/energy etc)

From March 2023 to June 2023

Series about venues and festivals sustainable practices

In cooperation with PULSE, a cultural network for ecological transition in Flanders, we are continuing a series of DIgital Safaris on Sustainability in live music venues, festivals and clubs.

10 episodes planned

Live Style Europe II is the continuation of a first project called Live Style Europe I, also granted by the Creative Europe programme. In the fanzine below, you may read a great overview of what has been done during the 4 years of this first project, introducing a new period full of activities!