Past Live DMA Panels & Conferences

Live DMA regularly organises panels and participates in live music conferences. Find below the videos and feedbacks of the past conferences we participated in!

  • European Forum on Music, “Equity in live music – what can we learn from European venues and what challenges lie ahead” 7th of May in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Music Match, “Audience dialogue instead of marketing: how small live music venues can benefit from a two-way conversation with their audiences” 3 May in Dresden, DE
  • Revelland first concerts at Sencity Festival, 5-6 April in Utrecht NL
  • Conference on music “Music Moves Europe” at the European Commission, speech about the financial stability for the music ecosystem in Europe, 22nd February in Brussels, BE
  • New European Bauhaus, European Parliament “sounding out opportunities for music“, 21st February in Brussels, BE
  • ESNS “Booking beyond boundaries; pitches & perspectives” 18 January in Groningen, NL
  • BIS, “What is the reality and recognition of club culture in France and Europe?” & “Freedoms, transitions and fair citizen participation: how can we organise ourselves collectively for a Creative Europe?” 17 January in Nantes, FR
  • Visa for Music, International Music Council General Assembly, 22-25 November 2023 in Rabat (MA)
  • SIMM-posium Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, “From individual to collective wellbeing: the roles of volunteering for popular music” 20 November 2023 Online (Brisbane, AUS)
  • Stadt Nach Acht, “Financing nightlife”, “Pioneering an EU standard for nightlife research”, “France & Germany clubcultures”, “Measuring nightlife: new economic studies” 16-17 November 2023 in Berlin (DE)
  • Womex, LIVEMX presentation, with the Spanish EU Creative Desk, 27 October 2023 in A Coruña (ES)
  • BIME PRO, “Live music and complaints from neighbors: what solutions?” and “Live music and sustainability in Europe: actions and opportunities!“, 26 October 2023 in Bilbao (ES Basque Country))
  • MaMA Music & Conference, LIVEMX, nouvelle opportunitĂ© de financement pour le secteur musical europĂ©en, 11 October in Paris
  • MIL Conference, How (In)Visible Is Culture In The Public Discourse?, 27 September 2023 and LIVEMX presentation, 28 September in Lisboa
  • SHIP Conference, Cooperation over Competition – Presentation of two European live music networks: EEnlarge Europe & Live DMA & GREEN MOVES EU MUSIC: European opportunities for sustainable society, 15 September 2023 in Ĺ ibenik, Croatia, and LIVEMX presentation, 16 September
  • The London Music & Wellbeing conference, speech about the wellbeing of volunteers in live music scenes, 14 September 2023, online
  • EU Seminar on Gender Equality, 13-15 July 2023 in Strasbourg (FR)
  • European Popular Music Research Group conference: “Advocating for popular music: 10 years of challenges for the European network Live DMA”, 10 July 2023 in Paris (FR)
  • Raffut! “Noise complaints: How to implement mediation solutions with neighbours and local authorities“, 4-6 July in Cahors (FR)
  • Forum Entreprendre dans la Culture, LIVEMX presentation, 4-6 July in Paris (FR)
  • European Forum on Music, “Sustain music in local communities“, 8-10 June in Budapest (HU)
  • EU Parliament Hearing on Creative Europe Programme, 13 April 2023 in Bruxelles, BE
  • Revelland kick-off meeting at Sencity Festival, 24-25 March 2023 in Utrecht, NL
  • ESNS 2023 – “Bring back the audience!” & “The live music sector challenges” 18-21 January 2023 in Gröningen, NL
  • Cyprus Jazz and World Music Showcase festival – “Making the case for culture – data collection in the sector“, 10 December 2022 online
  • TransMusicales – “Festivals de musiques actuelles en Europe: indĂ©pendance et concentration“, 9 December 2022 in Rennes (FR)
  • Monkey Week – ”Verde que te quiero verde. Sustainability in live music”, 26 November 2022 in Sevilla (ES)
  • NIGHTS – “More than music – the values of Club culture and Live concerts“, 11 November 2022 in Zurich (CH)
  • Crossroads – “Did concentration and monopolisation increase during the crisis?“, 10 November 2022 in Roubaix (FR)
  • BIME PRO – “10 years of Live DMA and cooperation across Europe to recognise the cultural value of live music venues, clubs and festivals” & “A Conversation with live music venues on new audience strategies” & “Green rider: Hacia una industria musical sostenible“, 28 October 2022 Bilbao (ES)
  • MaMA – ”Decoding live music in Europe : what challenges for the popular live music scenes post-pandemic?” & ”Can we accomodate live music and peace with locals?”, 13/14 October 2022 Paris (FR)
  • Stadt Nach Acht – “Key figures of the European live music sector: Survey presentation by Live DMA Survey coordinator“, 2nd September 2022, Dortmund (DE)
  • Raffut! – “Point d’actualitĂ© sur les financements europĂ©ens : MusicAIRE, Europe Creative…“, 7th July 2022, Lorient (FR)
  • ESNS 2022 – “Live Music Lockdown: An Industry at Risk?“, 21st January 2022 Gröningen (NL)
  • Try- Angle presentation & Overview of the effects of Covid in European live music sector,  13th to 15th of December, 2021, Murcia (ES)

  • Linecheck, Music Meeting and Festival, 23rd to 27th November 2021, Milano (IT)
  • Stad Nach Acht, International Nightlife Conference, 25th to 27th November 2021, Berlin (DE)
    • BIME Pro, Presentation of the Try-Angle, 27th to 29th October, 2021, Bilbao (ES)
    • MaMA Festival, “Music venues and tours: turn on the bright light”, 13 October 2021, Paris (FR)

    Listen to the podcast

    • Tallinn Music Week, Live DMA Forum – 1st October 2021
    • Crossroads Festival, “Creative Europe’s call for projects and contemporary music: how to get the grip of it?”, 7 September 2021 at 14:00 CET
    • Wallifornia Music Tech, “Digital Safaris on Sustainability: low tech tips for sustainable music events“, 9 July 2021 at 14:00 CET

    Video streaming

    • Montreal 24/24 Night Summit, “Initiatives from Europe to relaunch nightlife post-pandemic“, 16th June 2021

    Video streaming

    • European Forum on Music by the European Music Council, “The Place of Music in Society“, 2nd June 2021

    Video streaming EFM

    • Amplify Music 2021, 22nd to 24th April 2021

    Video streaming Amplify Music Panels

    • Presentation of Fabian Holt’s book Everyone Loves Live Music: A Theory of Performance Institutions, 14th April 2021
    • “[Open] Club Day Talk – Support Your Local Music Scene!”, February 2021

    Video streaming “[Open] Club Day Talk – Support Your Local Music Scene!”

    • Phasing out of the cultural state of emergency – Strategies for music policy makers“, Music Cities Network at ESNS, January 2021

    Video streaming “Recognition of club culture in Europe”

    • Linechek, November 2020, “Clubs in Europe – The Nests of artist development on the verge of Collapse
    • ESNS, November 2020, “Live Music Lockdown – Live music venues in survival

    Video streaming “Live Music Lockdown – Live music venues in survival”

    • Music Cities Panel, October 2020 – “European Perspectives: Not-to-Miss Policies to Harness Music’s Potential in Cities”
    • Liveurope Online Festival, September 2020 – “Strength lies in numbers: joining forces to press policy-makers”

    Video streaming “Strength lies in numbers: joining forces to press policy makers”

    • WAVES Vienna, September 2020 – “The Future of the European Music Eco-System”

    Video streaming “The Future of the European Music Eco-System”

    • MIL URL Talks, June 2020 – “Why we need to measure the value of live music spaces in the cities

    Video & Report “Why we need to measure the value of live music spaces in the cities”

    • IQ Focus Virtual Panel, June 2020 – “Grassroots Music Venues in Crisis

    Watch IQ Panel “Grassroots Music Venues in Crisis”

    • Amplify Music – Virtual Conference, April 2020 – “Advocacy Approaches from Europe” | “COVID-19, and then what?” | “The diversity of the European live music sector” | “How Data is Collectable/Collected Toward Local Action and Recovery

    Amplify Music 2020 Panel Playlist

    • Europe CrĂ©ative: des soutiens spĂ©cifiques et un programme en Ă©volution“, BIS, Nantes, January 2020
    • The Diversity Roadmap: Accomodating Diversity and Equality in Clubs and Festivals, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen, January 2020
    • “L’observation comme moteur de coopĂ©ration entre organisations : l’exemple du rĂ©seau europĂ©en Live DMA“, Transmusicales, Rennes, December 2019
    • Challenges of Small and Medium-Sized Music Venues & Live Style Europe: a Support for Local Music Scenes! & The Survey: Facts & Figures of Music Venues in Europe, BIME, Bilbao, October 2019
    • Music Venues: Grassroots & Growth, MAMA Convention, Paris, October 2019
    • Music Moves Europe – Support to Small Music Venues Cooperation & Open Club Day: Join a European Initiative!, Music & Media, Tampere, October 2019
    • Open Club Day Poster Presentation, 6th World Forum on Music, Paris, September 2019

    Read the recap of the 6th World Forum on Music

    • Music Moves Europe: 10 Good Reasons for Grassroot Venues to Apply, Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, September 2019
    • “Data collecting europeo e Open Club Day: le cassette degli attrezi per contare di piĂą sia e livello locale che internazionale” & “Music Moves Europe, Call “Cooperation of Small Music Venues”, KeepOn Live Festival, Rome, September 2019
    • Music Moves Europe : enfin un fonds europĂ©en configurĂ© pour nos projets ?, RAFFUT!, Bourges, July 2019
    • International Conference for Metal Music Studies“Live Music & Places”, Nantes, June 2019
    • European Agenda for Music at National Level – European Agenda for Music Showcase event, Warsaw, June 2019
    • Music, Urban Affairs and the Sustainable Development Goals & Music Moves Europe – What’s in for the artists?, MIDEM, Cannes, June 2019

    Video recording of the panel “Music, Urban Affairs & the SDGs”

    • Music is not noise, Primavera Pro, International Concert Venues Congress, Barcelona, May 2019
    • Venues as Hubs for New European Talent, Liveurope, Europe Day, Brussels, May 2019

    Video recording of the panel

    • Music Moves Europe – auch eine Chance fĂĽr Clubs und Festivals?, Dialog Pop with LiveKomm, Alteglofsheim (Germany), April 2019
    • Live Music Venues as Hub for New Talent, Mil Lisbon, Lisbon, March 2019
    • CrĂ©ation d’indicateurs, collecte, partage, analyse de donnĂ©es et d’informations : comment les acteurs de terrain, les administrations publiques et les observatoires peuvent-ils mieux coopĂ©rer” ? & “European Copyright Reform in the Digital Single Market” Pop Mind, Rouen, March 2019

    Read the panel report for the European Directive for a Copyright Reform

    • Boosting New European Talent on Live Music Scenes by 2021, ESNS, Groningen, January 2019

    Audio recoding of the panel (FR)

    • NIGHTS Conference, Brussels, November 2018: Social innovations within music events // Nightlife from a European perspective // Pop goes politics // Night ambassador meeting

    Notes on NIGHTS Conference 2018

    Nightlife Manifesto – Nocturnal Cities Bogota

    Report – Nocturnal Cities Bogota

    • European Mobility, Slash – European Music Incubator, Nantes, November 2018 
    • Lobbying with Industry Key Figures, Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, September 2018
    • How to join the Open Club Day, Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, September 2018
    • Music Moves Europe presentation, Raffut, Angoulem (France), July 2018
    • Music Moves Europe panel by Relais Culture Europe, Paris, June 2018
    • 4th edition of the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro, Barcelona, June 2018: Clubbing in Europe – quo vadis? // Initiatives against sexual harassment in European music venues // Understanding grassroots venues // Music venues as hubs for social innovation

    REPORT – International Concert Venues Congress 2018

    • Live Style Europe & The Survey presentations, Granada Experience (Spain), April 2018 
    • The importance of venues in the cultural fabric of a city, Mil Lisboa, April 2018
    • Live DMA presentation, Eurofonik, Nantes (France), March 2018
    • The Open Club Day – Grassroots venues take action, ESNS, Groningen (Netherlands), January 2018
    • Audience diversity – Live Style Europe, Transmusicales, Rennes (France), December 2017 
    • Open Club Day goes Europe, Stadt nach Acht, Berlin, November 2017
    • The Survey Presentation, Stadt nach Acht, Berlin, November 2017
    • Was vom Wahltage ĂĽbrig blieb, Most Wanted Music, Berlin, November 2017 
    • The tale of two cities, MaMA Festival, Paris, October 2017
    • European Agenda for Music, Reeperbahn Festival, September 2017
    • Live Style Europe presentation, Reeperbahn Festival, September 2017 
    • Live Style Europe presentation, Relais Culture Europe, Paris, September 2017
    • 3rd edition of the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro, Barcelona, June 2017: Music Moves Europe // Music cities – London, Hamburg, Oslo, Barcelona // Live Style Europe launch // Hiring musicians – venues, manages, and artists share their issues // Sound regulations, safety & neighbor relations – music venues’ rights and duties
    • Live DMA presentation, Westway Lab, Porto (Portugal), April 2017
    • Contribuer Ă  l’Ă©laboration de la stratĂ©gie de l’Union EuropĂ©enne Ă  partir de 2020Pop Mind, Grenoble (France), March 2017
    • Different models of music venues in Europe, ESNS, Groningen (Netherlands), January 2017
    • Where are the women in the live music industry?, ESNS, Groningen (Netherlands), January 2017

    REPORT – Women in the live music industry

    • 2nd edition of the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro, Barcelona, June 2016: Youth & Music practices // Pop goes politics // EE Music // Sustainable development for music venues and festivals // Workshop Amateur practices // Why every music city should have a Night Mayor? // Cities Conference – Paris, Glasgow, Barcelona, Amsterdam // Attitude is everything // The evolution of the bookers’ market in Europe // Survey presentation, strengths and issues of music venues in Europe // EU first steps towards a support strategy for the music sector

    REPORT – International Concert Venues Congress 2016

    • 1st edition of the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro, Barcelona, June 2015: European concert venues : facts & figures // Austin, Groningen, London, Reykjavik, Barcelona – The cities of music // The present and future of concert venues – business models and management // Venues and their audiences – a geolocation relationship // Solima presentation 

    Report – International Concert Venues Congress 2015

    © Photos in order: Armando Ruah (Primavera Pro 2018) / Ana Viotti (MIL 2018) / Primavera Pro 2016