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Concert venues and clubs are the music sector’s foundation when it comes to artistic creation and the development of new talents. As such, they are the lifeblood of the European live music sector and essential for its growth and vitality.

Artists are the best witnesses when it comes to highlighting the important role of these stages for their careers.

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"There is no such straight communication as on the live gigs where we can truly transmit experiences and feelings to the listeners and in exchange feel their feedback instantly on the stage."
Squid (UK)
"Some of our earliest gigs in Brighton and London [...] were vital for getting our name out there but more importantly letting us figure out what kind of band we wanted to be."
My Ugly Clementine (AT)
"No matter what size: Clubs are key for a lively music scene to be seen and heard, and are driving forces to amplify careers."
Melenas (ES)
"We need music, we need culture and WE NEED TO KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE!"
Calby (DK)
"Live music is where the songs come alive. It's where you can lure out all the little details of a composition - both emotionally and dynamically."