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Live DMA is a European network of live music associations, aiming at supporting the global ecosystem of music venues, clubs and festivals. Live DMA fights for the recognition of live music venues, clubs and festivals all over Europe, so they can be considered as real cultural, economic and social places.

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Green Mobility: initiatives from the live music sector

In order to better understand a live music event’s carbon emission, and to take action upon it, many organisations have started to measure their...

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Booking practices in the cultural field have arisen as a research object during the last 15 years, being investigated for and through their peculiar...

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Livestreaming: opportunities and challenges for the live music sector

Live DMA prepared these thematic resource sheets so as to give some keys to live music actors on the opportunities, challenges and current questioning...

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The map of our network

The Live DMA networks spans over 16 countries with 20 members representing together over 3000 music venues, clubs, festivals and other live music organisations.

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