Melenas (ES)

“Live music scene basically made Melenas. We used to meet every weekend at a legendary venue called Nébula, in Pamplona, our town. Down at the basement we watched amazing concerts which made us come together, become friends, and finally, form the band.

Before being a band live music was something important in our lives, now it’s our life. Live music is irreplaceable and so are the music venues and the experience they offer. Our dearest club Dabadaba, our second home in Donosti, has been a constant inspiration for our music and a cultural lung for the city, thanks to the shows they used to book seven days a week. In addition to that, Dabadaba has been able to give birth to its own record label, Elsa Records. Elsa has been our label since our very beginnings, along with El Nébula Recordings (yes, Nébula also has its own record label!), Snap! Clap! Club and Trouble in Mind Records.

Without live music, none of these things would have been possible. It’s like a part of a cycle that connects one action with another, as well as the resources required to make it happen. The bands need to play to get the funding, the energy and the inspiration to make songs; and sorry but THIS IS NOT A CHOICE. We need music, we need culture and WE NEED TO KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE!”

Photo credit: Mirari Echávarri