My Ugly Clementine (AT)

“Bands like ours live for the stage. Feeling the pure energy of a live performance and sharing the love for music with a dedicated audience is why we all are in this game. When My Ugly Clementine first hit the stage, it was in a tiny, packed club in Vienna that we still love. No matter what size: Clubs are key for a lively music scene to be seen and heard, are driving forces to amplify careers. But clubs also play a hugely important role as social spaces to realize there are indeed likeminded people that give and share a passion for your music, your ideas and your values. And there are so many that need to be fought for!

Now it is time to fight for these places. What many people only realized in 2020 (or still haven’t realized at all), is, how many caring professionals are needed to make “live music” possible in the first place – a diverse family of sound and light engineers, riggers, stage builders, securities, agents, promoters and all their teams and helping hands. We are in this together and for each other.”

Photo credit: Hanna Fasching