LSE Podcast #14 – October 2020

Every month, the Live Style Europe radio show brings you to the backstage of the live music sector to better understand how it works, listen to the ones who work and fight for great music, and discuss the main challenges they may face.

In this episode you will learn more about Live DMA’s activities: our advocacy work, our capacity-building workshops, Open Club Day or the campaign “What Artists Say!”

We will be talking a lot about concerts, but actually, our job is not to organise concerts and tours around Europe. We work to analyse how the sector evolves, and support people working behind all these stages so you, music lover, can continue to listen or practice the music you like, enjoy a night out, and see your favourite artist or discover new artists live, close to your place! We speak with people working in the music venues and policy makers to make it work in the best possible conditions.

Tune in to learn more about the backstage of the live music sector in Europe!

This podcast is produced together with eu!radio. You can listen to episode 14 right here.