LSE Podcast – July 2019

For the last Live Style Europe radio show of the season, we would like to look back on the second year of the Live Style Europe project and project ourselves in the future by presenting our upcoming activities.

In 2017, the European Commission granted Live DMA with the European network funding via the Creative Europe programme in order to develop its project Live Style Europe: a capacity-building programme that aims to empower regional and national live music associations, as well as music venues, clubs and festivals by providing them with skills and tools for an easier adaptation to the evolution of the live music sector. It is the core of Live DMA’s activities, and we are now entering the third year of the project.

This radio show also presents one of Live DMA’s members: Court-Circuit in Wallonia and Brussels (Belgium) as well as the next events we will attend:


  • Sweat Like an Ape! – Witch
  • Blu Samu – Sade Blu
  • Kompromat – De mon âme à ton âme
  • Hyperculte – Temps Mort