Live Style Europe Podcast #16 – December 2020

In November 2020, Live DMA was invited by Collectif Culture Bar-Bars, a French association of music clubs and very small cultural venues (mostly bars and cafés with a cultural program), to host a panel about clubculture. The outcomes of this panel, and the many other organized by Collectif Culture Bar-Bars will make up a white paper that will be sent to French authorities (municipalities, ministry of culture) in order to create a set of recommendations for the parts of the live music sector we often forget, unfortunately: the small cultural bars & cafés and the nightclubs or nighttime music activities.

As a European association for live music organisations, our network has a lot of clubs and nighttime activists in it. We will dive further in this scene, often not recognized as being part of the cultural sector by policy makers using extracts from the panel discussion we hosted.

This episodes sums up the main outcomes of the discussions. Our guests were Adriana Alcover from ASACC (Catalonia), Marc Wohlrabe from ClubCommission Berlin and board member of LiveKomm (Germany) and Isabelle Von Walterskirchen, board member of PETZI (Switzerland) and night time actor of the Zurich club scene at Rote Fabrik.

This podcast is produced together with eu!radio. You can listen to episode 16 right here.