European Jazz Network: Strength in Numbers

The European Jazz Network comprises 110 organisation (festivals, clubs and concert venues, independent promoters and national/local support organisations) in 31 European countries. Their mission is to promote the identity and diversity of creative music in Europe, to broaden awareness of this vital area of music as a cultural and educational force, to increase exchange of knowledge and experiences between professionals and to initiate and encourage the development of international exchanges.

Their research project “Strength in Numbers” is a good document of reference in regards of observation. Similar to the Live DMA Survey, the European Jazz network collects a set of data from their membership.


The report focuses on the following topics:

1 | Number & typology of concerts

2 | Support to local artists

3 | Typology of other activities

4 | Employment

5 | Economic values

The research report gives a good overview of the situation of the European jazz sector and can be useful for comparing specific topics from one live music sector to another.

Attention: As the “Strength in Numbers” research project does not have the same geographical scope and participants profile as the Live DMA Survey, a comparison of totals and results is not logical.

This report can, however, give valid insights on the following topics:
  • The contribution to local and cultural economies. The membership of the European jazz network yearly generates income (167 million euro total income) through a variety of sources and is an important employer of artists in Europe (32.4 million euro directly spend on artists).
  • The membership of the European jazz network provides over 1300 full time staff yearly.
  • The membership of the European jazz network welcomes a large audience (4.9 million visitors) to their diverse range of events (over 25 thousand events).

Disclaimer: The information and pictures used in this post are drawn from the report Strength in Numbers. This post intends to inform about the study report and share the findings.