Live DMA members’ regional statistics

With the Survey, Live DMA presents the first Europe-wide quantitative study on live music venues and clubs. This project not only helps in having a better understanding in the European venues’ legal status, type of activities or number of workforce but also helps our members in collecting their own data at their regional or national level, the same way our members help us collect data for the European level.

Indeed, it is important that this data is made for the live music sector and by live music actors in order to ensure a relevant analysis of the numbers collected.

This article presents the various regional studies that our members have released, often in their own national languages. The studies only focus on the venues, clubs and festivals (economic data, activities, workforce…). Audience research is excluded from the list.

Live DMA memberRegionFacts & Figures reports in national languages
ASACCCataloniaASACC Facts & Figures, data 2018
COURT-CIRCUITBelgium (Wallonia-Brussels) CCMA Etude sur la filière des musiques actuelles, data 2021
Court-Circuit Facts & Figures, data 2018
DANSK LIVEDenmarkDanish Music Sales, data 2019
Danish Music Sales, data 2017
FEDELIMAFrance Key Figures, data 2019
Key Figures, data 2018
Key Figures, data 2017
Key Figures, data 2016
Key Figures, data 2015
Key Figures, data 2014
Key Figures, data 2013
Key Figures, data 2012
LiveFINFinland Impact of Corona on live music industry, data 2021
Impact of Corona on live music industry, data 2020
Festival barometer, data 2020
Festival barometer, data 2018
Venue barometer, data 2020
Key Figures of Finnish rock clubs, data 2014
LIVEKOMMGermanyGerman Club Study, data 2020/2021
Berlin Club Culture Study (Clubcommission), data 2018
LIVE MUSIC ESTONIAEstoniaReport on small music venues in Estonia & Finland (2021)
MUSIC VENUE TRUSTthe UK The Grassroots Live Music Ecosystem, data 2019
UK Live Music Census, data 2017
NKANorwayNorwegian Concert Organisers Statistics, data 2018
Norwegian Concert Organisers Statistics, data 2016
Norwegian Festival Statistics, data 2015
Norwegian Festival Statistics, data 2014
VNPFthe Netherlands Facts & Figures, data 2022
Facts & Figures, corona data 2020 & 2021
Facts & Figures, data 2020
Facts & Figures, data 2019
Facts & Figures, data 2018
Facts & Figures, data 2017
Facts & Figures, data 2016
Trends Dutch music venues 2007-2015
Music Festival Atlas, data 2019
Music Festival Atlas, data 2018