Evaluation of the effects of the pandemic by live music associations in Europe as part of Live DMA

At the onset of this new year, live music associations are unanimous: they wish music venues and clubs to open again in adequate conditions and to secure the festival season, as well as for these scenes to be provided substantial financial support. While calling for immediate measures to reinforce the protection of the live music sector and secure its survival, Live DMA members look ahead to exit strategies. 20 live music associations, representing more than 3000 live music venues, clubs, and festivals from 17 European countries participated in a survey about the effects of the pandemic on the sector on short and long term.

This report gives information about the live music associations’ main priorities for 2021 and what actions they need and expect from governments. It also contains Live DMA’s recommendations to policy makers.

Read more details in the new Live DMA publication ‘2021 – STAY ALIVE – EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTS OF THE PANDEMIC BY LIVE DMA & ITS MEMBERS.

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