COVID-19: Ticket Refund Policies

Last update: 03/06/2020 – 16:45

With the restriction of social gatherings and closing down of venues and clubs all over Europe, the COVID-19 crisis has brought up many issues related to event management and cancellation.

While many live music scenes struggle to maintain their cash-flow in the green, they are often entitle to reimburse the audience for their tickets, in case of a cancelled show. And what about events organised after the national quarantine or social gathering restrictions period?

Many live music associations have asked their government some clarity and support on this matter, and many new cancellation policies have been implemented in order to try to provide live music scenes with financial safety.

Live music associations have to deal with public policies regarding cancellation and refund as well as private policies with the insurance companies.

Find a list of national cancellation policies for COVID-19 below.






The Netherlands