COVID-19 Live Music Sector – Reactions, Impact & Support

Last update: 27/05/2020 – 16:00

The shut-down or reduction in activities in order to meet the requirements to prevent the virus from spreading has a dramatic effect on the cultural sector, and the small live music organisers in particular. The economic situation of live music venues, clubs, and festivals is already very fragile as they are very dependent on revenues generated by audience expenses to survive. They are now under tremendous pressure and fear for their existence.

These places, and the live music associations, have to act fast in order to prevent too much financial, health and prejudice harm for live music venues, their audiences and their workers. Concrete measures and support from government that can be implemented quickly are crucial to prevent individuals and organisation from financial ruin.

This article provides the following information

  1. An overview of European Union Reactions and Measures
  2. An overview of National Governments Restrictions or Measures Affecting the Live Music Sector
  3. An overview of Advocacy work & governmental support per country & Live DMA member

1. European Union Reactions and Measures

European Parliament

European Commission

Read our article “Measures on EU level”

2. National Governments Restrictions or Measures Affecting the Live Music Sector

EMEE have released an overview of the measures taken at national level which impacts live music events. This list will be updated depending on the change of measures taken at national level.
>> Click here to access the latest updates on measures taken at national level.

The website POLITICO has also released a blog with live updates on coronavirus.
>> You can access the Corona Live Blog here.

3. Advocacy work & governmental support

National live music associations have been very reactive to the national measures taken, as the situation evolves from one day to another.

The measures taken at national level vary from one country to another: from recommendations not to attend events of over 5000 people to ban on events of over 1000 or 500 or even 100 people to venues being closed down and cities being into quarantine for the most severe cases. Some governments apply this to all types of events, others only to indoor events. Some of these measures are taken at local level (only for a given city, canton or region), others are taken at national level.

The potential lack of clarity of the measures, and the fact they vary from day to day makes it difficult for live music associations to anticipate their activities and communication on COVID-19.

Many Live DMA members have released statements to inform the public authorities of the impact of such measures for live music venues, clubs or festivals. No live music association questions the necessity of such measures to avoid the virus to spread. Our Italian member, KeepOn Live even put into place an initiative to keep live music alive by streaming some concerts online for people to enjoy while they are at home. Find some examples of statements and initiatives below: