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Live Style Europe is the name of our monthly radio show produced on Euradio in Nantes, France.

Each month, we invite a live music expert from our network to discuss topics that caught the attention of the European music industry: from policies and regulations, over European cooperation projects up to initiatives that shake up the music sector in Europe!
You can also expect news on topics and challenges that our members are dealing with on a national level.

Your can listen and download to the podcasts of our Live Style Europe radio show here: 

LSE Podcast – October 2018

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In this first episode of the Live Style Europe radio show: Focus on Live DMA’s activities at Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg, Germany (19. – 22.10.2018) Presentation of the study conducted by EventKultur Rhein-Neckar, local live music network in Germany, Pop-Akademie Baden-Wûrtemberg, and Digitale Hochschule Baden-Würtenberg Link to the study...