LSE Podcast #10 – December 2019

This tenth episode of Live Style Europe focuses on the theme of sustainable development and ecology in the live music sector.

As the European Union has put the fight against the climate crisis as one of its top priorities, and recognized culture as one of the pillars of sustainable development, the live music sector all over Europe initiates projects to implement more sustainable working practices.

At the European level, we took the example of the European Music Council and their commitment towards Climate Action: to develop sustainable behaviours in their work.
We also mention DEMO, a European Cooperation Territory project developing ecology in the music sector. Read our presentation of the DEMO project here!

At national and local levels, we interviewed Esben Marcher from DanskLive on their Green Guide: a guide for concert organizers presenting concrete tips on how to develop sustainable practices when putting up a music event.
We also talked about the Muziekclub 4AD forest and the DIY and ecological philosophy of this music venue which initiated it.
We also focused on FEDELIMA‘s new “Smells Like Green Spirit” campaign, which started with the acquisition of hundreds of stainless steel gourds to supply the French music venues with and help them reduce their consumption of plastic bottles.

Enjoy the podcast!


  • Frustration – Mother Earth in Rags
  • FLOHIO – Wild Yout
  • Fatboy Slim ft. Greta Thurnberg – Right Here, Right Now