Live Style Europe

Live Style Europe (LSE) is a building capacity program that aims to empower regional and national live music associations, as well as music venues, clubs and festivals by providing them with skills and tools for an easier adaptation to the evolution of the live music sector. LSE strives to structure the live music sector and to enhance the visibility of the grassroots sector all over Europe.

In order to achieve its goals, Live DMA focuses on collaborative actions such as peer-to-peer learningexchanges at the European level among the members and with partners, and a mutualized communication strategy.

Music is no noise

Live Style Europe working group – First session “Noise pollution in our towns and cities is increasing, blighting the lives of many European citizens. More than a nuisance, excessive noise is a health risk – contributing to cardiovascular diseases, for example. We need to act on the many sources...

New associate member from Latvia

We are very happy to announce that Hanzas Perons from Riga, Latvia, has joined our network this January 2019 as an associate member. Hanzas Perons, a former Riga cargo railway warehouse, is now being reborn into the modern space for culture and art that will open its doors in...