Music is no noise

Live Style Europe working group – First session

“Noise pollution in our towns and cities is increasing, blighting the lives of many European citizens. More than a nuisance, excessive noise is a health risk – contributing to cardiovascular diseases, for example. We need to act on the many sources of noise pollution – from motorized vehicles to loud nightclubs and concerts – to protect our health,”

says Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe (World Health Organization – extract from Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region, October 2018)

Noise pollution, health issue… This cannot be how European organisations define the core of our work: music. Live DMA members promote music diversity, they are a warrant of the freedom of artistic expression, they are important places in their neighborhood and they work hard on audience’s risks awareness. Live music scenes need to answer such statements and anticipate upcoming challenges at the European level.

What should be a good sound policy?

Together with a professional moderator and external experts from the sound & music sector, Live DMA members will gather as a taskforce to think, discuss and organize some advocacy tools for the live music scene on sound emissions. They will create a joint statement and provide role models from different European countries and cities. The objective is to give recommendations and highlight solutions to protect live music venues, clubs and festivals.

The report of the Live Style Europe working group will be available soon after the first working group session.