New associate member from Latvia

We are very happy to announce that Hanzas Perons from Riga, Latvia, has joined our network this January 2019 as an associate member. Hanzas Perons, a former Riga cargo railway warehouse, is now being reborn into the modern space for culture and art that will open its doors in May 2019.

“One of our first aims is to establish long-term projects supporting artists and boosting number of their shows. For that we have teamed up with the only local NGO institution dedicated to live music sector – Music Export offices. In cooperation with them we are developing local music scene supporting program reducing production risks to emerging artists. It is one of our priorities to develop a supporting ecosystem for artists to grow. The next programs to be developed will be dedicated to professionalization.

As a venue, we genuinely believe, that live music sector in Latvia particularly, and Europe, in general, is insufficiently recognised as a part of a culture. We see that networks like Live DMA can amplify local voices, can support local institutions in their efforts to boost sector as recognised and essential business with the resulting solutions. Therefore, being part of Live DMA can help us to gain knowledge from across Europe, find partners with similar challenges, add know-how from our market to the European level.

Latvia as a country is not represented within Live DMA network, and we see it as one of our goals to add insights from Latvia to the European level. As a venue with the vision to become a place where artists can develop their skills and grow, we would love to share our ideas on how to make it happen. We will be active partners initiating new ideas,  starting the discussions on challenges and solutions. And with the help of being a Live DMA member, we will begin to unite and strengthen the industry locally.”

Ieva Irbina, CEO of Hanzas Perons

In its ambition to promote cooperation among live music professionals all over Europe, Live DMA supports initiatives in countries where live music venues, clubs, and festivals still lack of structuration. With the expertise and experience gathered by our members, Live DMA will help Hanzas Perons in its ambition to create their own approach of cooperation in Riga, Latvia or the Baltic area together with their local partners.

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