Svensk Live – Overview of figures & facts

Svensk Live represents 150 music venues in Sweden. The venues have a median of 600 audience capacity. Together the venues present well over 11,000 artist performances per year, which attract almost 1.5 million visits. Also 70% of the music venues organise festivals.

The Svensk Live venues do much more than live music alone, and are also involved in educational, social, artistic, culinary, and multi-disciplinary activities, such as:

Svensk Live – Diversity of Functions – The Survey Publication 2020

Svensk Live – Legal Status – The Survey Publication 2020

Svensk Live music venues are a mix of 70% private non-profit venues, and 30% private commercial venues. Music venues with different legal status have different business models, but looking at all Svensk Live venues the Survey results show a mixed income of subsidy (13%) and audience spendings (79%) on tickets, food and beverages. In total, the Svensk Live venues generate an income of well over 18 million euro. The money is mostly spent to cover the costs of the music programme, workers and accommodations. Comparing to other European regions in Sweden the financial support from the government for non-profit venues is relatively low.

Svensk Live – Income – The Survey Publication 2020
Svensk Live – Expenditure – The Survey Publication 2020

In Sweden volunteers are very important for the daily practices in the venue, especially for smaller venues. Of the 1,300 total workers in the Svensk Live venues, over 1,050 are volunteers, responsible for 70% of all working hours. In total 55% of the workers are female.

Svensk Live – Share of Paid and Volunteers Work(ers) – The Survey Publication 2020


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Based on the data (year 2017) of 23 Svensk Live music venues, collected during 2018 and 2019, and extrapolated to data of 150 music venues part of Svensk Live and Live DMA in 2017.