Creative Europe: Towards the Next Programme Generation

On the request of the European Commission’s Committee of Culture, KEA conducted a study in order to provide concrete recommendations for the future of the Creative Europe funding programme. The study provides an analysis of the Creative Europe programme, including its objectives, structure, aspects related to decision-making and the impact of its implementation.

AbstractCreative Europe is a unique programme in Europe, tailored to the needs of the cultural and creative sectors. It is the main programme that contributes to the cultural policy objectives of the EU. The programme targets the right priorities, but its modest budget prevents it from making a substantial impact. The report provides recommendations for a more ambitious future programme, reflecting the richness of European cultural diversity.

Main findings
  • Creative Europe is a popular programme considering the amount of applications and the very low success rate (in particular for the Culture sub-programme). This indicates the thirst of artists and cultural workers to engage at European level and to transform the Single Market into a space for creative expressions that values imagination and cultural exchanges.
  • Creative Europe tries to overcome the difficulty for cultural operators to benefit from the Single Market whilst they operate in different linguistic and cultural markets.
  • Creative Europe is excellent in networking CCS and especially audiovisual professionals and helps them apprehend the European challenge.
  • Creative Europe ambitions to develop an international strategy but has yet to acquire the human and financial resources to implement this ambition.
Concrete policy recommendations have been formulated to achieve the following objectives: 
  • An ambitious and high-profile Creative Europe programme
  • Building scale and enabling experimentation
  • Strengthening Creative Europe’s international dimension
  • Better measurements of Creative Europe’s social and cultural impacts
  • Strengthening Creative Europe’s impact for social innovation

Link to the study

The study is available for download in English and Italian.
The executive summary with the main findings, key conclusions, and detailed policy recommendations can be downloaded in English, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish. 

Creative Europe – Next Programme Generation

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