Live Style Europe Podcast #18 – March 2021

This month of March 2021 mark the Covid-19 one year anniversary. It’s been exactly a year since all live music venues are shut down, struggling to survive despite some emergency funds provided by the European governments. Music lovers are painfully missing the warming energy of the concerts and festivals, but, more importantly, the whole ecosystem behind the stage is in danger.

We fear that it becomes difficult to rebuild the sector after the crisis, and we are very concerned about the mental health of the staff working in venues, which continuously need to adapt without any overview of the future.

During this long year, European associations have been working on reopening protocols, calling for a clear vision all around Europe. You can find all of our statements on our website.

This is a global crisis, so what support can The European Union bring to the companies, non-profit organizations and individuals? Culture is a national competence, so how do the European institutions and the Member States collaborate to support the cultural sector?

Gabriele Rosana, Policy Director at Culture Action Europe, answered our questions.