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Case Study – Business Model evolution in a live music venue

Creative Lenses is a project coordinated by Trans Europe Halles, European network or cultural centres. Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the project aims to make arts and cultural organisations more resilient and sustainable by improving their business models and developing their long-term strategic and...

Yourope Members Survey

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Yourope, association gathering nearly 100 festivals and live music events in 26 European countries, published the results of their 2018 members survey. This survey investigates the general setting of their member festivals, gives insight on the events’ audiences, explores their European dimension, and analyses the structural and economic settings...

UK Live Music Census

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The report of the UK live music census was published in February 2018. This report is the result of a nationwide survey combining qualitative interviews at music events and responses of an online form for musicians, venues, promoters and audiences. The UK live music census intends to measure live...