On this page, you can find resource, best-practices, information and updates relevant for the live music sector on COVID-19.

COVID-19: Exit Strategies

Last update: 29/06/2020 – 14:00 This article presents the different exit strategies for the live music sector in the countries part of the Live DMA network as well as the reactions of our members.


On 8 April 2020, the EU cultural ministers discussed the effects of COVID-19 on the cultural and creative sector in an online meeting initiated by the Croatian Presidency of the Council. In the press conference following the meeting, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel gave an overview of measures initiated at EU...

COVID-19: Ticket Refund Policies

Last update: 03/06/2020 – 16:45 With the restriction of social gatherings and closing down of venues and clubs all over Europe, the COVID-19 crisis has brought up many issues related to event management and cancellation. While many live music scenes struggle to maintain their cash-flow in the green, they...

Music Policy Forum: Music Cities Together Live Conference

On the 3rd of April 2020, Music Policy Forum organised an online free Music Cities Together conference, with Mark Davyd from Music Venue Trust (UK), Kwende Kefentse researcher on “music ecosystems” from the City of Ottawa (CA), Don Pitts and Michael Bracy from the Music Policy Forum (US). The...