Live DMA is a European non-governmental network working to support and promote the conditions of the live music sector. Live DMA is by nature a network based on shared visions and values, and international collaboration. Exchange of best practices and experiences have ever since the foundation been the pivot of Live DMA’s existence.

Through time, Live DMA has grown rapidly in terms of size and impact, and today, the network is composed of 17 members situated in 13 countries. The members are regional and national live music associations, which in total represent more than 2500 music venues and festivals located all over Europe.

Music venues and festivals are one of the main providers for talent development in Europe. From local band support to renowned stages, they are the social gathering places where people can easily meet and enjoy a large range of diverse artists. In 2014, about 400 000 artistic performances were organized, attracting more than 56 million visitors in Live DMA music venues (estimation from Live DMA Survey published in 2016).
More than 120 000 volunteers participate every day in the venues’ activities and in the dynamism of the local lives. Venues and festivals are an important part of our neighborhoods, in both rural and urban areas. They are open to diversity, they have a strong impact on the local economies, they increase the attractiveness of the cities, and they are strongly connected to the people.
By gathering independent from the entire live music sector, Live DMA proposes a collective voice when working on European challenges; and builds capacities with the professionals to highlight their substantial cultural & social work.