Working Group | Bookers in live music venues: towards a European Fair Practice Code?

Live DMA, as part of its Live Style Europe project going from 2017 to 2021, organizes each year a Working Group on a theme chosen by its members, national or regional live music networks. These Working Groups intend to gather live music professionals to share their expertise and experience on a certain topic. The information gathered is then formalized into a resource and/or methodology which can be consulted and applied by live music professionals in different contexts (different countries or different typologies of venues, for example). These Working Groups also allow us to create a community of live music professionals and fuel trans-national exchanges and networking.

The Working Group “Bookers in live music venues: towards a European Fair Practice Code?” was supposed to take place in March and April 2020 at Zurich (CH) M4Music and Aarhus (DK) SPOT Festivals, for 10 participants. Given the Covid situation and the impossibility for people to travel and gather, the Working Group was postponed until further notice. Live DMA has waited for the right time to organise this Working Group, as every live music professional was more focused on dealing with the crisis at their local, regional or national level and did not necessarily have the time and mind to focus on European perspectives. Then, it was decided to organise this Working Group in an online format, opening the number of participants to 25, allowing us to gather even more expertise and experience from more countries part of the European continent.

Our aim in this Working Group is to see how booking topics and challenges are evolving and define what type of strategies could be implemented to follow these evolutions and cope with them.

The Working Group took place online during two sessions in January and February 2021. Read and download the reports of these sessions below:

Download report of session 1 of WG

Download report of session 2 of WG