The Diversity Roadmap

Evaluate the composition of your teams, your programming practices and your communication regarding diversity!

The Diversity Roadmap is a tool created by PETZI, the Swiss live music association, in collaboration with the Swiss music associations Helvetiarockt, Flirt Don’t Hurt, Sensability and We Can Dance It working for safer live music spaces as well as better diversity and representation of minorities in the live music sector.

Our society is diverse: this should also be reflected on and behind the stages, in the audience and in the organisational structures.

The Diversity Roadmap describes simple recommendations and possible measures to take into account accessibility, diversity and gender equality in live music venues, clubs and festivals.

The Diversity Roadmap is available in English, French and German. Find all the versions in the links below!

Download the Diversity Roadmap in English

Download the Diversity Roadmap in French

Download the Diversity Roadmap in German

Download the Diversity Roadmap in Italian