Take a Stand

Live DMA joined the civil engagement campaign Take a Stand initiated by Yourope (European network for festivals).

We are mobilizing to promote and encourage citizen initiatives in favor of a social and intercultural Europe, based on the values of solidarity and openness. Our concerts and festivals bring together millions of spectators who share the same taste for music but who also share spaces, events, memories, experiences… In the same way, Take A Stand encourages all those who are in favor of a common European ideal to express and take action, and involves many professionals in the sector around this campaign.

Yourope declares

It is time to take a stand for Europe and the whole world. In order to create a movement that encourages social cohesion in our societies; In order to promote the tolerance of all cultures, genres, religions, sexual orientations, and origins.

Who needs to take a stand?
  • Everybody in favor of the European ideal and its values, all who believe in peace, inclusion and dialogue as opposed to fear and exclusion.
  • We welcome all music related professionals to join Take a Stand: festivals, venues and promoters are invited to become ambassadors and partners of this campaign. You can fill out the agreement of partnership and return it with your logo.

+ info on www.take-a-stand.eu

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