Statement: Citizen-­oriented Cohesion Policy with a prominent place for culture  

In reaction to the European Commission’s proposal for the future EU Cohesion policy, the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts advocates for a citizen-oriented approach of the Cohesion Policy supporting active citizenship and the involvement by communities and individuals.

The statement highlights the essential role of culture and the creative sectors and calls on the European institution to

  1. Include culture through all investment priorities and acknowledge the intrinsic value of culture and the arts.
  2. Adopt a citizen-centred approach to the EU’s Cohesion Policy.
  3. Encourage Member States to embed culture in their Operational Programmes.
  4. Simplify access for cultural actors to Regional Development & Cohesion Funds.
  5. Explore and deepen synergies between the Cohesion Policy Funds and the Creative Europe programme.

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