Joint Letter on Relaunch of Venues and Events

European Associations from the performing and live music sector address a joint letter to Commissioner Breton (Internal Market).

“Together, we are asking for a coordinated post-lockdown strategy for Europe’s cultural venues and events.”

During the last year, European associations and their national members have been working relentlessly on proposals to provide support to the cultural sector and guidelines on reopening protocols for the live music stages. Once again, we are ready to offer our expertise and experience to the European Commission’s efforts towards helping Europe and the Member States to adapt to the situation and to share guidelines for the safe resumption of activities.

Within this letter, Live DMA calls on a clear vision in favour of the reopening of cultural venues in every European country, a long-term support to the sector to adapt audience restrictions, and a coordinated strategy for touring conditions in Europe.

“Live music venues, clubs and festivals are still in the middle of the crisis. We are very concerned about the mental health of the staff working in live music who had to continuously adapt with a lack of recognition by public authorities. We need to foresee what comes next. Venues, clubs and festivals are important spaces of socialization which cannot be replaced by live streaming. This is why we call for a reopening under safe conditions, including amateur practices and educational activities. Music organisations need a financial and structural support until music venues and clubs activities go back to normal. More than ever, we must support our local music scenes.

Audrey Guerre, Live DMA’s coordinator

Read & download the full letter here

Signatories :

AFEM – Association for Electronic Music

ARA – Arena Resilience Alliance

GESAC – The European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers

LIVE DMA – European Network for Live Music Associations

Liveurope – The live music platform for new European talent

PEARLE – Live Performance Europe

YOUROPE – The European Festival Association