Joint letter in Support of a Sectorial Focus on Music in Creative Europe (2021-2027)

Live DMA, with 7 other European organisations of the live music sector, wrote a joint letter in support of a sectorial focus on music in Creative Europe (2021-2027).

“[The EU Commission & Parliament’s support to Music Moves Europe and the inclusion of “diversity and competitiveness of the music sector” as a key topic in the Work Plan for Culture 2019-2020] are great signals towards the realisation of a music policy at EU level, but their impact will be limited if they are not better reflected in the future Creative Europe programme.
We need to seize this chance now and build on the momentum created with Music Moves Europe to give a much needed boost to the competitiveness and diversity of the European music sector.
We hope we can count on the Council to pursue this commitment by reinforcing the focus of the future Creative Europe programme on music.”

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