CON-FRONT: How Popular Live Music can Commemorate European Heritage

CON-FRONT is a contemporary cultural commemoration of the Great War (1914-1918). Stepping away from canonical cultural commemorations, this project involves  a consortium of live music venues and heritage centers from 4 different European countries.

Through live music and visual arts, the project aims at rendering a common European memory and link it to contemporary issues, such as the migration crisis that we experience. CON-FRONT consists in a music and visual show that has toured in several European countries, a documentary that will explain the creation process of the show as well as a written methodology that will render the artistic crew’s experience in working on such a project and the results of CON-FRONT.

This article is based on the chapter “CON-FRONT: The Presence of the Past” written by Marjan Dewulf in the book Snapshots on Music and Heritage in Europe published in 2019 by the European Music Council.