From 2013 to 2015, Live DMA coordinated the project Lighthouses confounded by the Lifelong Learing Programme – Leonardo Da Vinci Partnerships. The professional training programme involved six Live DMA members (ACCES, Court-Circuit, Clubcircuit, Dansk Live, Fedelima, and VNPF).
Though six thematic seminars of good practice exchange, Live DMA united bookers, artistic directors and communication managers from five European countries in order to identify the skills and abilities needed in artistic professions on a European scale. As result, Lighthouses produced a quality label that helps to identify the different professions’ qualifications. This report is based on ground experience and reflects the professional habits from the music professionals that participated at Lighthouses.  

Lighthouses thematic seminar reports 

Seminar #1
Artistic Programmation

Trans Musicales
Rennes (France) – From 4th to 6th December 2013

Seminar #2
The future is not what it used to be

Melkweg and P60 Amsterdam (Netherlands) From– 2nd to 4th April 2014

Mercat de la musica viva
Vic (Spain) – From 17th to 19th September 2014

Gent (Belgium) – From 10th to 12th December 2014

Copenhagen (Denmark) – From 3rd to 5th March 2015

Brussels (Belgium) – From 11th to 13th May 2015

Lighthouse participants 
  • Kasper Busch Lund, Commercial Director (DR Koncerthuset, Denmark)
  • Christina Lykkegaard, Public relations and social media manager (Huset-KBH, Denmark)
  • Aurélien Mainil, Communications Manager (Les 4Ecluses, France)
  • Line Rædkjær Poulsen, Promotion and marketing (MusikLoppen, Denmark)
  • Anne Jensen – Head of Online communications & Green Initiatives (NorthSide, Denmark)
  • Maria Grongstad, PR- and marketing director (Gimle, Denmark)
  • Asger Degett Holmsted (Denmark)
  • Mike van Gaasbeek, business director (WORM, Netherlands)
  • Aitana Eanes (Casa das Crechas, Spain)
  • Miguel Tudanca González aka DJ PINKY, Director (Hangar, Spain)
  • Théo Richard, Promoter & Production Manager (Le CAMJI, France)
  • Philippe Cherence, Artistic Director (L’ouvre boîte, France)
  • Joery Wilbers (Nieuwe NOR, Netherlands)
  • Desiree Bellard (Capsloc, Netherlands)
  • Steven de Ryck, Event manager and volunteers coordination (Nijdrop, Belgium)
  • Jade Corbey, Music programmer, communication, promotion and marketing (Kultuurkafee, Belgium)
  • Jesper Jul, Venue Manager (Pavillonen, Denmark)
  • Jens Jesper, Director (Klaverfabrikken, Denmark)
  • Asger Degett Holmsted, Artistic Director, responsible for marketing (Denmark)
  • Jkob Brixvold, Former director of Dansk Live (Denmark)
  • Armand LLacer, Freelance in Communication & Production (Spain)
  • Tomi Legido, Music currator  (Mardi Gras, Spain)
  • Esther Ubeda, Director (la Sala, Spain)
  • Armando Ruah, Coordinator of ACCES (Spain)
  • Tomas Gomez, music curator (Spain)
  • Antony Salas Curiel, Administrator (L’entrepôt, Belgium)
  • Denis Jalocha, Programmer (Silly concerts, Belgium)
  • Jonathan Buscarlet, Coordinator (CCWB, Belgium)
  • Samuel Baems – Director (Silly Concerts, Belgium)
  • Phil Henrion – Teacher (Atelier Rock, Belgium)
  • David Dehard – Coordinator of Court Circuit (Belgium)
  • Vassilia van der Heyden, Communication manager (la Ferme du Biéreau, Belgium)
  • Jean Christophe Gobbe, Booker (Rockerill, Belgium)
  • Alain Brohard, Booker (l’Autre canal, France)
  • Bertrand Biennier, Co-director (la Gare de coustellet, France)
  • Ambre Bresset, Fromer booking assistant at 106, Rouen & France & EU Booking agent at Julie Tippex
  • Bénédicte Froidure, Director and Music Curator (File7, France)
  • Mathieu Gervais, Artistic director assistant (Association Trans Musicales, France)
  • Arnaud Monnier, Co director (EMB Sannois, France)
  • Thomas Blanquart, Former booker at 4 écluses (France)