Circuito joins Live DMA

Live DMA welcomes Circuito, the Portuguese association for the valorisation, protection and development of grassroots music venues and clubs. Our European network now counts 21 members in 17 countries.

Circuito aims to represent the music venues and clubs in front of any public or private entity, national or international, and to foster the structuration of this sector and promote equality and accessibility for their players. The association’s objective is also to gain recognition for these spaces as drivers for the growth of new talents, supporting music from the margins, fostering artistic creation, circulation and internationalisation and operating as cultural and social mediators within their own neighborhoods. Circuito promotes its members’ activities and develops training programmes and exchange networks of artistic programming.

Live DMA network has been providing crucial support for Circuito since its early state, offering both motivation and tools that were fundamental for us to be able to face our first challenges. Now, it is our goal to be an active member of such a renowned collaboration network and participate in its exchange ecosystem while contributing to the empowerment of the European live music venues circuit.


We must stand together in these times of crisis and Live DMA members warmly welcome Circuito as the representative of Portuguese music venues and clubs in our network. We are looking forward to see Circuito as an active member of Live DMA.  

Circuito is currently composed by 27 live music venues and clubs from all over the country. Find out more about Circuito on their website.