75 organisations joint statement: Revision of the Visa Code

75 organisations from the cultural sector joined forces in a call to the European Institutions to take into consideration the specific needs of the sector in the context of the trilogue negotiations on the Revision of the Visa Code.

We underline that the cultural sector in Europe desires transparent and easy application processes when inviting artists, cultural professionals, touring groups, and others from visa-required countries. A diverse cultural offer in Europe’s concert venues and clubs, theatres and festivals, city events or other cultural initiatives, allows to attract audiences, generate income for the cultural and creative sectors, as well as for other economic sectors (tourism, bars, restaurants, hotels…) and public sources. 

The statement presents the specific issues on which it calls the European Institutions to take those into consideration. 

In particular we underline:

• The importance of recognising that the 90/180 day rule severely impacts cultural exchanges by limiting mobility and the number of events
• The need to be able to submit a visa application in the consulate of the destination country where the host organisation is based
• The possibility to lodge an application nine months in advance
• The importance of a clear definition of the costs included in the visa fees requested by service providers and the possibility for applicants to be further allowed to lodge applications directly at consulate
• The need for including an option for a reduced visa fee of 60 EUR, such as for applicants whose data are already entered in the Visa Information System and for cultural touring groups
• The need to keep the application process for Multiple Entry Visa as simple and transparent as possible.

Read & download the position paper

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