6 questions to Elda Gómez (ACCES – ES)

1) Can you please introduce yourself?

“My name is Elda Gómez, cultural manager who works for ACCES, the Spanish association of private concert venues. I have also been the ACCES survey coordinator since we started this project with Live DMA seven years ago.”

2) Who are the members of your network?

“The members of my network are private venues of Spain, ACCES gathers around 100 venues. ACCES music venues have a median of 265 audience capacity, so are generally small and the 90% of the venues are private commercial.”

3) Can you give us a striking fact about the venues & clubs of your network?

“ACCES venues are around 28 millon euros and subsidy is only 2% of the total income of all venues.”

4) How do you use the Survey and how does data collection help you in your daily work?

” We use the survey as a tool to know and understand the reality of the music sector and show its relevance to other cultural agents, in addition to administrations and institutions.”

5) What did you find out with the Survey that you did not know before collecting data?

“Well, our venues receive more than two million and a half visits per year. This seems to me a very important fact! In a european level and regarding other european countries, the lack of subsidies and volunteers in my country.”

6) In your most crazy data dreams, what would like to analyse with the Survey?

Women who are really in management positions within the music industry.”

Thank you Elda for your answers! 🙂

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