As part of our capacity building project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme Live Style Europe, Live DMA organises each year a working group that aims to empower its members and the live music venues, clubs, and festivals to adapt and to react to the challenges related to the live music sector.

In 2019, Live DMA’s members decided to work on the topic of sound regulations.

Following up the first session of this working group that took place in February 2019 in Antwerp, Live DMA published an overview on sound regulations in Europe. Based on the discussions and inputs from the participants, a first version of a White Paper defining the framework of a good sound policy was drafted. 

A second working group session in Madrid allowed to finalise the White Paper, to collect and share recommendations geared towards local authorities on drafting a good live music policy, and to collect and share recommendations geared towards live music venues and clubs on enhancing the quality of the audience experience related to sound management.

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