The value of music venues to local authorities – Live Style Europe Working Group – Second session

In November 2017, the first Live Style Europe working group took place in Berlin besides the Nights – Stadt nach Acht event. The group of more than 20 participants – live music professionals and representatives from national music venues associations form all over Europe – focused on the question of “the value of music venues to local authorities”.
Participants had the opportunity to exchange about the problems they are exposed to, to compare existing regulations and to start identifying the main and most necessary points to work on during the working group. The main topics that the participants decided to focus on were resumed under the headlines “Living together” and “Change the story, change the language”.

You can download the report of the first session of the working group here.

The second session of this Live Style Europe working group will take place from the 19th to the 21st of February in Brussels. The same group will continue to work on the potential solutions and recommendation they have explored during the first session in November 2017 in Berlin.

We are happy to welcome five external participants that will join the working group for a day giving feedback on our work and contribute to the working group outcomes thanks to their expertise in resource or advocacy/lobby actions:

Live Style Europe is a “building capacity program” with the objective to empower music venues, festivals, and regional and nationals live music associations and to provide them with skills and tools in order to adapt to the changes of the music sector. In 2017, he European Commission recognized Live DMA as European network and granted, via the Creative Europe program, funding to develop the network’s project Live Style Europe.