The Live Style Europe working groups aim to empower live music professionals and their capacity to react and to adapt to the live music sector’s changes by offering space and time for reflection. The working groups will gather expert members from each country and external experts who will meet and produce helpful resource for venues and festivals.rom

During the first year of Live Style Europe (June 2017 – May 2018), two topics are explored in the working groups:

The value of live music venues to local authorities 

Venues directors, programmers and chair(wo)men from Live DM’s members organizations come together and discuss issues like the impact of urban development and gentrification on music venues, neighborhood relations, improving relations between venues and local policy makers, etc. Participants are encouraged to share best practices with each other and to seek further inspiration from other experts.

First session: 8th – 10th of November 2017, Berlin (Germany)

You can download the report of the first session here.

Second session: 19th – 21st of February 2018, Brussels (Belgium)

You can download the report of the second session here.

Audience diversity

From new audience uses to new concert formats, working group participants brainstorm on how to involve more people in the venues activities. Participants share their analyses and points of views about the evolutions of the relationship to live music with sociologists and other actors of the music chain (artists, managers, producers,…) The objective is to exchange analyses and define experimental project ideas.

First session: 6th – 8th of December 2017, Rennes (France)

You can download the report of the first session here.

Second session: 11th – 13th of April 2018, Granada (Spain)