Virgninie Scherens (FR)

A few years of study, with a higher diploma in modern letters, a detour through training in cultural professions, then a specialization in territorial development, structured Virginie’s professional project. Responsible for cultural activities, youth programmer and European project coordinator, Virginie develops these different actions in a project approach combining the artistic and the cultural, sharing and exchange, discovery and respect.

Her project approach has opened the field of possibilities in terms of partnerships with the social field, socio-medical institutions, National Education and prisons. Flagship actions such as the “Salt and Pepper” senior rock choir have been based on risk taking and a lot of innovation.

Virginie is passionate about meeting audiences, provoking debate, and sharpening curiosity towards other cultures while respecting everyone. Always on the lookout for topics that affect her, Virginie has attended training sessions on how to welcome people with disabilities, on the issue of migration or the prevention of auditory risks. A lot of curiosity and constant questioning feed her taste for new adventures.