Phil Henrion (BE)

Phil Henrion is a Belgian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer. He currently plays with Blue Velvet and Sweet Jane. He has worked as a composer, arranger and artistic producer for bands such as Korange, Lilee, Brillant Trees and 14 Weeks. He has also participated at sessions with Zucchero, The Engines of Love, [An Obsene] Pang !, Les Herbes Folles, and Faon Faon. Furthermore, he has worked as scenic coach and musician adviser in the program of musical accompaniment “ça balance”. Simultaneously, he teaches bass and guitar.

Very concerned about the development of structures surrounding musicians, he collaborates closely with Court-Circuit, Collectif Jaune Orange and Atelier Rock.

His domains of expertise:

– Creation and development of recorded and broadcasted music

– Instrument Techniques and Hardware Optimisation

– Booking and band management

– Event and venue management