Maria Grongstad (DK)

With a master degree in Corporate Communication from Aarhus School of Business, combined with diploma courses from the Music Management education at The Royal Academy of Music, and thousands of hours of voluntarily work within the music industry, Maria Grongstad, originally from Norway is working as PR- and marketing director at Gimle, Roskilde in Denmark.

Gimle is a music venue, youth culture house and student house in Roskilde, Denmark. Gimle presents approximately 350 arrangements a year, of them approximately 250 are concerts. All arrangements are run by a team of volunteers consisting of around 100 persons, primarily young people between 16 and 25 years old, with help and advice from a small group of staff. The volunteer team perform all tasks and solve any challenges during an arrangement, except sound engineering. In addition there is also different groups that the volunteers can be involved in, such as a booking group for upcoming music, arranging electronic nightclub events, quiz nights and a movie group.

The diversity of arrangements at Gimle is large – we present everything from children’s arrangements, jazz, metal, to well-established pop and rock artists, and upcoming indie acts. Gimle has three stages: The main stage Tanken with a capacity of 550 people, the Basement stage with a capacity of 150 people, and our Café stage with a capacity of 50 people. The café stage is placed in Gimle’s cultural café which is open six days a week. The café staff is a team of international volunteers, which is made possible through the EU program, Erasmus + European Volunteer Service.

Besides our website and our Facebook page, our main marketing platform is our seasonal magazine which is made in-house twice a year. There are 35.000 copies printed and distributed to all households in Roskilde. The magazine includes a couple of behind the scene articles about Gimle, an interview with a band or artist, and the arrangement calendar for the spring- or fall season.


Maria Grongstad was part of Live DMA’s Lighthouses project.