Isabelle von Walterskirchen (CH)

Isabelle von Walterskirchen is the member of the PETZI national committee, the association of contemporary live-music venues and festivals, that develops and puts in place tools & lobbying for its network of NPO concert-clubs and festivals in Switzerland. She is currently working at La Rote Fabrik. As event-organizer (DECONSTRUCTION Club & RHIZOM Festival), a programmer for the gender bending electronic music festival Les Belles De Nuit and activist for nightlife and NPO-culture, she is a central figure of Swiss underground culture.

Isabelle is involved as much on a national level as on the local one, as she is president of Zurich’s nightlife-council (Nachtstadtrat Zürich). On the EU-level she has been a board member of Live DMA since 2014. Since 2017, Isabelle is co-president of Live DMA.