MUSICATION is a project carried by 5 popular music organisations from 5 European countries (Court Circuit – Belgium, La FEDELIMA – France, VNPF – Netherlands, D’Orfeu – Portugal, ACCES – Spain). These organisations are part of the “LIVE DMA” network, representing 800 venues and festivals on the European territory.

During the past five years, new categories of jobs seem to appear in European popular music venues. Alongside their main activity which is organising concerts, many of them also develop educative and social activities, meaning that new kinds of professionals are working in these venues. We think that it is a major issue for our venues, for the professionals who work in these organisations, for the public.

What does this mean in terms of professionalisation, and impact on the public, the venues’ projects and the territories?

With MUSICATION we plan to build a cooperation network and a frame for exchanges between the professionals in charge of educative activities in modern music organisations in the partner countries, collate the partners’ experiences, and conceive and experiment a common pedagogical frame aiming at professionalising the employees in charge of these educative activities. This also contributes to promote cult ural diversity and European citizenship.

We will pilot a research on the topic in each country. The results will be published on the Internet. We will also organise work meetings between the employees in charge of educative activities in music organisations and the partners’ staff, consisting in the observation of activities organised in different countries and exchanges of experiences. We will build a common curriculum aiming at professionalising the employees. A final conference will allow us to disseminate the results of our project and imagine new opportunities and cooperations.

Job descriptions

Final report

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