Dansk Live

Dansk Live is an association representing live music organizers, in particular music venues and festivals, which programme Danish and foreign live music in Denmark. Within this framework, there is great room for diversity. Dansk Live represents approximately 100 live music organisers in Denmark and was founded in 2011 after a merge of the two associations Festival Denmark (founded 2003) and Spillesteder DK (founded 1972). The association is based on the values of a nonprofit logic and when creating profits this is reinvested in strengthening the association, the live music scene or as charitable donations. It is the association’s vision to be the Danish live concert organisers’ preferred policy adviser, and Dansk Live is today considered as one of the major representatives when advising and negotiating with the Danish Ministry of Culture. Dansk Live is working to improve the conditions of live music through political outreach and commercial agreements and calls for cultural recognition of the music venues and festivals as being one of our societies’ main providers of culture. In addition, Dansk Live organises seminars, workshops and campaigns.